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10 Reasons You Must Visit Croatia’s Trogir This Summer

Just 30 kilometres west of the bustling city of Split, you’ll find the charming and historic island of Trogir. This small, idyllic paradise is the perfect refuge to beat the crowds or simply enjoy a day-trip not far from some of Croatia’s best spots. Here are our top 10 reasons to visit Trogir!

1. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 for its incredible blend of Hellenistic, Romanesque, Rennaissance, and Baroque architecture, Trogir is a microcosm of ancient history waiting to be discovered.


2. Game of Thrones was filmed there

One of many filming locations across the country, Trogir is a must-see destination for any serious GoT fan. Trogir’s Old Town, in particular, was the set of some very memorable scenes. To find out which ones, check out this article about Game of Thrones travel in Croatia.


3. You can do it all in a day

Yes. You actually can see the entire town in one day. The island’s area is a humble 35 square-kilometers, meaning that even without a map you can pretty well navigate anywhere if you get lost. Trogir is simply a great place to arrive sans guide book and let your feet guide you where they will!

4. It has an epic church

The infamous Church of St. Lawrence is perhaps the town’s biggest tourist attraction. And no wonder — it’s Romanesque-Gothic style is both ornate and imposing. You can visit the church for 25 HKR (about 3.5 euros), and even wander to the top of the bell tower. The view from the top offers panoramic scenes of the town below, with the mountains on one end and the azure waters of the Adriatic on the other.


5. It has an awesome fortress

The Kamerlango Fortress was built in the late 14th-century during the Venetian rule. While by no means the largest fortress in the country (remember, we are talking about a 35 square-kilometer town), it’s beautiful architecture and public accessibility make it a must-see. You can visit the fortress for a nominal entrance fee that varies according to the season (cheaper in spring; more expensive in summer). Stroll along the fortress walls to enjoy sweeping views of the red-roofed town below. Many events and festivals are also held within the fortress year round, so be sure to stay up-to-date!



house ruzmarin trogir croatia

House Ruzmarin

house ivica trogir croatia rental

House Ivica

villa boulder croatia rental

Villa Boulder

6. It offers the perfect landscape for your Instagram selfie

It’s not for nothing that Trogir was voted a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you’ll be rewarded with plenty of photo opportunities to capitalize on that fact.

7. You’ll have it all to yourself

Many tourist skip Trogir altogether, which means you’ll have no trouble beating the crowds here. If you’re looking to unwind in the peace and quiet of the Adriatic, consider a stop in Trogir.


8. Beaches!

This almost goes without saying but we’re going to say it anyway: The island is rife with beaches! Okrug beach is the most popular. It’s about 5 km from the town centre and boasts a marina, plenty of nightlife options, and delicious cuisine. Or, check out Pantan beach, known for its shallow waters (good for travel with kids), and excellent sun-bathing spots. Pantan beach is easily accessible by car or public transportation.


9. Prices are lower than nearby Split and Zadar

An added bonus of attracting smaller crowds is the lower prices. Food, activities, and accommodation will put less strain on your wallet than it would in places like Split or Zadar.

10. You can eat healthy

Just a few hundred feet from the Trogir bus terminal is the farmer’s market. The farmer’s market is a fantastic way to eat fresh, healthy, and local foods, all while supporting the country’s farmers. You’ll also find butcher shops, bakeries, and artisan stalls. This is a great option for those looking to cook their own meals in the comfort of their Croatian vacation rental kitchen.


So what are you waiting for? As tourism in Croatia rises year-to-year, there really is no better time to visit Trogir than now! Book your Trogir vacation rental today! If you’re ready to plan your trip and looking for a more in-depth guide on what to see and do, VisitTrogir is a great web resource.

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