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Top 10 Things to Do in Trogir

Set on its own tiny walled island a thirty-minute drive west of Split, Trogir is a gem that should be included in your Croatia itinerary. Here are 10 unmissable things to do in the town known as The Stone Beauty:

1. Take a trip back in time at the Garagnin-Fanfogna Palace

Home to the Trogir Museum, the Romanesque and Baroque style palace offers a window into the city’s rich history. Learn about the early days of Trogir and its political and cultural development through to the 20th-century before exploring the town.

2. Get lost in the city’s enchanting alleyways

Wander Trogir’s tightly clustered maze of marble streets and admire the stunning medieval buildings that earned the town a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Tucked away in quiet alleys, you’ll find plenty of quaint taverns and charming nooks and crannies


3. Visit the St. Lawrence Cathedral 

Trogir’s magnificent three-naved Venetian cathedral, one of the finest in the Adriatic, is simply unmissable. Take a moment to marvel at its Romanesque portal and chapel of St. John inside, then climb up the 154 ft tall bell tower for sweeping views of the city.


4. Discover St. Dominic’s church and monastery

A short stroll from the cathedral, the Gothic-Renaissance edifice is a landmark that Game of Thrones fans may recognize since many scenes from the series’ second season were shot there. Check out the church’s treasury of art and pretty cloister.


5. Relax along the Riva 

Lined with palm trees and cafes on one side, and yachts and sailboats on the other side, Trogir’s grand waterfront promenade is the perfect place to capture the town’s buzz or a glorious sunset while sipping local wine.

6. Walk the top of Fortress Kamerlengo’s walls

While the 15th century Venetian fortress is now an empty shell, you can still climb up to the top of its walls to enjoy a beautiful 360-degree view of the town and surroundings, or catch a concert during Trogir’s summer festival.


7. Muse over life’s fleeting moments

In Ancient Greece, Kairos, the youngest child of Zeus, personified fleeting opportunity. Head to the convent of St. Nicholas to admire a dazzling bas-relief of the Greek god carved in marble around the third century BC.

8. Spot the work of Ivan Meštrović

If you’ve been to Split or Zagreb, you may have walked past some of his work or even visited his studio-galleries. Discover an interesting relief by the prominent Croatian sculptor in the Town Loggia on Trogir’s main square.


9. Try Trogir’s specialties

Wondering what traditional dishes you should try while in Trogir? If you enjoy seafood, baked octopus is a must⁠ (it’s prepared under a baking lid in proper Dalmatian fashion⁠), then finish off your meal with Trogir’s famous rafioli.


10. Pick up unique souvenirs

Looking to bring a piece of Trogir back home? Delicium Nostrum is a great place to find handmade organic cosmetics, wines, liquors, honey, olive oil, or dry fig spreads. Otherwise, try Stari Trogir just around the corner for paintings and handmade boats made of palm trees.


Traveling to Trogir soon? Be sure to check out the official tourist board website! Next, read up on our Top 10 Thing to Do in Korčula and Top 10 Things to Do in Mljet!

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