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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Silba This Summer

Are you headed to Croatia’s Zadar region this summer? We know an island not too far from there that will steal your heart, especially if you’re looking to completely unplug in untouched nature. Here are ten reasons why you should hop aboard the first catamaran to Silba:

1. It is a really small island

Silba is about 5 miles long and a half-mile wide in its narrowest part, which is where its sole village is located. From there, it takes just five minutes to walk down to the harbors of Žalić or Mul on either side of the island, and the beaches are easy to get to.


2. The whole island is pedestrian

Except for a few tractors being used at specific times and the postman’s moped, all motorized traffic is banned from the island. Even bikes are kept out of sight in the summer months, but nevermind: the island is perfect for exploring on foot!

3. It’s quaint and peaceful

Enjoy the quiet charm of the village with its old palm-shaded homes and stroll down pathways through fragrant maquis in search of idyllic coves. When it’s time for lunch, restaurants and cafes are only a short walk from any point in the village.


4. It has lots of unspoiled beaches and bays 

Close to the harbor of Mul, you’ll find Silba’s most popular beach, Sotorišće, which boasts a sandy seafloor and shallow, crystal-clear waters. Other picturesque spots include Pocukmarak, Luka Sveti Ante, Mavrovo, Lojišće, Tratica, and Carpusina.

5. It’s the ideal location to completely switch off 

Swim, eat, snooze, and repeat. Silba really has a way to help you slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Those who feel like breaking into a sweat can always have a game of tennis, basketball, or volleyball near Sotorišce.


6. It’s an environmentally-conscious destination

Silba, which is the second most forested island in Croatia after Mjlet, takes great pride in preserving the rich diversity of its flora and fauna, and keeping its nature clean. Rumor has it that it may even become a nature park.

7. It has an underwater archaeological site

From the extensive meadows of Posidonia to seahorses, there’s plenty to see under the waters surrounding Silba. In the Pocukmarak bay, you can also see the remains of ancient Roman sarcophagi only a few feet below the surface.


8. It has a “love tower” 

This is Silba’s landmark. Standing up tall at around 50 feet, Marinić Toreta was built by a local sea captain so that his wife⁠—who ended up being the daughter of the woman who jilted him as a young man⁠—could look out to sea and know when he would return. Climb it up for breathtaking vistas of the neighboring islands.

9. It’s a place of inspiration for artists 

Croatian singer-songwriter Branimir Štulić famously wrote many of his songs there. In fact, the island has long drawn artists and musicians to its pristine shores. Don’t miss the Marija Ujević-Galetović gallery, which features the captivating work of the local sculptor.


10. It has a quirky cultural program

Every summer, Silba puts on a vibrant festival including a series of concerts, outdoor screenings, plays, exhibitions, and more. Perfect for those who need a culture fix while on vacation.

For more information, be sure to check out the official tourist board website! Next, read up on these 10 other Croatian islands you won’t want to miss, including Cres and Dugi Otok!

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