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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Pag This Summer

If you’re staying in Zadar this summer and looking to explore the islands nearby, then Pag should get all your attention. Connected to the mainland by a bridge, the “Rocky Island” as it is known, is not just easy to get to, it is also fascinating. Here are ten reasons (out of many more) why you should include it in your itinerary:

1. It has a moonlike vibe 

When you first get to Pag, you’ll likely be struck by its arid landscapes. Parts of the island are completely barren, with rough terrain and very little vegetation, giving the island a lunar feel. Why not rent a quad bike to explore the rugged coastline?

2. It may have been visited by aliens

Skeptical? Wait until you discover the so-called Pag Triangle—a mysterious triangular shape imprinted onto the rocks near the town of Novalja. Still an enigma to this date, it will leave you wondering whether Pag wasn’t a UFO landing site after all.

3. It produces one of the world’s best cheeses

Winner of the Global Cheese Awards 2017 (yes, there is such a thing), Paški sir, or Pag cheese, is a hard sheep milk cheese full of flavor every cheese lover needs to try. Get your taste buds ready for a treat!

4. It has a rich and unique cultural heritage

The island of Pag is known for its exquisite, centuries-old lacemaking tradition. When in Pag Town, be sure to pick up a framed piece of lace to take home.


5. It has beaches for everyone’s tastes

From nightlife hotspot Zrće beach to secluded Ručica beach or toddler-friendly Sveti Duh beach, Pag has a sunbathing spot for every kind of beach bum. (There are 200 miles of gorgeous coastline to explore so you’ll be spoiled for choice.)

6. It has an awe-inspiring olive grove

Like an oasis in the desert, the olive gardens of Lun are a magical sight. Home to some of the oldest wild olive trees in the Mediterranean—dating back 1,600 years!—this spectacular grove is unique in the world.

7. It has an ancient Roman Aqueduct

Built in the 1st century AD, the island’s Roman aqueduct, known locally as Talijanova buža, meaning the ‘Italian hole,’ once supplied the town of Novalja with water from nearby fields. To take a closer look at this amazing feat of engineering, get in touch with the town’s tourist office.

8. It’s one of Europe’s best birdwatching destinations

Grab your binoculars! Birdwatching in Pag’s pristine nature promises many unforgettable moments as the ornithological reserves of Veliko Blato, Malo Blato, and Kolansko Blato provide shelter for hundreds of bird species.


9. It has a summer carnival

Held the last weekend in July, Pag’s summer carnival gives visitors a chance to discover the island’s traditional kolo dance, which is performed in colorful folk costumes decorated with Pag lace.


10. The party scene is in full swing

Looking to party into the wee hours of the day? Head to Zrće beach to find the best Pag clubs and nightlife, or join thousands of house and techno fans for a five-day music marathon at the Sonus festival, which takes place at the end of August.

For more information, be sure to check out the official tourist board website! Next, read up on these 10 other Croatian islands you won’t want to miss, including Hvar and Korčula!

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