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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Krk This Summer

Krk is the Adriatic’s biggest, most northern, most diverse, most accessible, and most visited island. Here are 10 more reasons you should go right away.

1. Learn the Glagolitic Script

An ancient, now-extinct Slavic language called Glagolitic is rediscovered on Krk island. At the Baska Glagolitic Path in Jurandvor, you’ll find the Baska Tablet. This important cultural artifact was discovered by a student in 1851 and contains the earliest known mention of Croatia.


2. Roman Ruins… Really!

Just across a bridge from Smrika on the mainland, you’ll find the town of Fulfinum, occupied by the Romans from the 1st to the 5th century. Today, the Fulfinum Forum holds the history in its walls. During the Annual Days of Antiquity in mid-July, visitors can revisit the town’s Roman roots through gladiators, antique crafts, old-style cuisine, and authentic clothing and music.


3. Krk Town

The island’s namesake town and its centerpiece pulls together all its best features. History is evident in medieval fortifications and Roman ruins. And for today’s “settlers” there’s a long, picturesque marina with seafront restaurants and a cool breeze off the water. Walking the town square is like being transported to another century entirely.


4. Sightseeing Churches

Two of Krk Town’s standout landmarks are in fact churches — and they’re just steps away from each other. The Church of Sveti Kvirin, built around 500 AD, is a two-level, south-facing treasure that shows off the riches of the Dukes of Krk of the time. Neighboring Krk Cathedral was built some 500 years later and is Romanesque, with columns and early Christian symbolism on display.


5. Vrbnik Wine

Known as Zlahtina, Vrbnik’s dry whites are made only in and around the village. Its name derives from an old Slavic word meaning ‘noble’, and it has a golden color and a freshness that reflects the climate it comes from.


6. Ice Cream

…And, you’re sold! Each summer, the town of Njivice holds a two-day Ice Cream Festival. Aside from the various flavors of cups, cones, and ice cream cocktails, there are street performances, circus acts, and an epic water balloon battle on the beach to keep your attention.


7. Seven

Locals are protective of the number seven. As lore goes, Croatian people have lived on Krk since 7th century; the island has survived seven pirate attacks; and there are seven island centers. Go with the flow and make your visit a seven-day vacation!


8. Convenient Location

Tourists flock to Krk for so many reasons other than convenience, but it’s worth noting how easily accessible the island is. Krk is very close to the mainland, and the mile-long Krk Bridge, constructed in the 1980s, connects the two. Krk is close to Slovenia and northern Italy and has its own airport.


9. Bike Trails

Krk has a vast network of cycling trails. Adria Spring Trail is a local favorite as it winds high and low, left and right, along the shore, over rocks, and through the woods.


10. The 45th Parallel

Here’s a goofy little fact to close out our list: The 45th Parallel runs through Krk. Signage marks its crossing, the midway point between the Equator and the North Pole.


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