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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Korčula This Summer

Reached by ferry or catamaran from Dubrovnik, Rijeka or Split, the Croatian island of Korčula (pronounced KOR-chu-la) holds many treasures. Here are ten reasons why you should go there this summer (in no particular order):

1. Korčula Town is a jewel

Nestled behind thick stone walls on a small peninsula, the medieval town of Korčula is a web of narrow alleyways lined with bougainvillea-clad buildings. Dominating the central square, St. Mark’s Cathedral is hard to miss. Discover one of the finest examples of Gothic-Renaissance architecture in Dalmatia, which houses paintings by Tintoretto.


2. It is (allegedly) Marco Polo’s birthplace

The famed explorer was born in 1254 in the Venetian Empire, but the exact location is still disputed to this date. It is believed that the Polo family hailed from Korčula: Check out their house-turned-museum, which is said to be Marco Polo’s original place of birth, and walk up to the top floor for panoramic views over the old town.



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3. It has exquisite beaches 

If you like small secluded beaches, Korčula has just what you’re looking for. Explore the southern side of the island for its pretty coves or head to the village of Lumbarda to enjoy soft sands and shallow waters.


4. It oozes with culture

Various cultural events take place around the island throughout the summer: Listen to Croatia’s best jazz musicians at the Korkyra Jazz Festival, indulge in beautiful classical music at the Korkyra Baroque Festival, or catch a show of Korčula’s traditional Moreška sword dance.


5. The sunsets are magical

Croatian sunsets are a sight to behold—they certainly made an impression on Alfred Hitchcock, who famously called Zadar’s “the most beautiful sunset in the world”. For a colorful end to your days on Korčula, head to the port town of Vela Luka: Its west-facing setting promises glorious sunsets that will leave you speechless.


6. It is home to a unique wine 

Wine has been a part of the island’s culture for hundreds of years: It’d be rude not to try the local grapes! Have a sip or two of Grk (a white wine variety grown almost exclusively on Korčula), Pošip, and Rukatac. If you’re around in late July/early August, don’t miss the Grk Wine Festival in Lumbarda and the cellars’ open days in the villages of Cara and Smokvica.


7. It’s a gourmet destination 

When it comes to top-quality restaurants, you’ll be spoiled for choice on Korčula. Enjoy traditional Dalmatian cuisine and try the Žrnovski Makarunia succulent local pasta dish. In Lumbarda, Fishermen’s Evenings take place every Friday throughout the summer, giving you a chance to mingle with the locals while feasting on freshly grilled seafood.


8. It produces some of Croatia’s finest olive oil

With nearly 1,000 olive farms and ten olive mills, the island is a hotspot for olive oil production. Discover the unique flavours and characteristics of Korčula‘s liquid gold with a tasting tour.


9. It has an enchanted forest 

Deep inland, the nature reserve of Kočje is known for its fascinating rock formations… and resident fairies! Be sure to ask the locals about the legendary creatures when you visit the village of Žrnovo.


10. It has a stunning archipelago 

Kayak to the islets of Badija and Vrnik for a spot of snorkeling: the water is so clear that underwater visibility is said to reach up to 65 feet! You might even see dolphins.


Discover all of THE STELLA’s Croatian vacation rentals in Korčula and book your island getaway today! For more information regarding your trip to Korčula, be sure to check out Visit Korčula, the local tourist board’s official website! Next, read up about these 10 other Croatian islands you’ll definitely not want to miss!

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