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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Brač Island This Summer

Brač is one of those hidden gems that can turn a great trip into an unforgettable one. While it’s a large island, it’s not heavily populated. That’s just one of the many reasons you’ll love this old — and we mean old — Croatian island. Here are 10 more.

1. Few Tourists

You won’t find any celebrities or high-profile politicians circling Brač on their yachts. With lower glitz levels, you’re less likely to run into other tourists here than you would be on some of the neighboring islands like, say, Hvar or Korčula.


2. It’s Easy to Get to

There are three convenient ways to arrive:

1) You could fly into Brač Airport. During high season, it receives two flights a week from Zagreb and, just last year, added international flights.

2) You could drive your car onto a 50-minute ferry ride. Those run dozens of times each day.

3) You could hop on a passenger ferry — the slowest, but most relaxing and scenic option.



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3. The History

Some of Croatia’s oldest archaeological findings belong to Brač, found in the Kopačina cave and apparently proving human habitation as far back as the 3rd Millennium BC!


4. Olives!

Brač has a thing for olives. It has more than a half-million trees of a rare variety called “buhavica” thanks to 17th-century government rule that led to the planting of all these trees, along with fines imposed on anyone that damaged them. Visit The Museum of Olive Oil to learn about the tools used to process olives into olive oil, and be sure to taste some in its tasting room!


5. The Famous Stone

They say that Brač’s famous white stone was actually used in the construction of The White House in Washington, D.C. It was also used to build Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the Parliament building in Budapest, and the Canadian National Vimy Memorial. Pucisca’s stonemasonry school, open since 1909, teaches students the craft and is open to visitors.


6. Zlatni Rat Beach

Known as Golden Horn, Zlatni Rat is a pebble beach in the small southern town of Bol. As it extends into the Adriatic Sea, it takes on the shape of a cone. Zlatni Rat is a symbol of Croatia — you’ve probably seen it in a tourism poster or advertisement promoting the country.


7. Vidova Gora

The highest peak on the Adriatic islands is Vidova Gora. You can drive or hike to the top for a rewarding view over Bol, Zlatni Rat, and Hvar island. The trek will take about three hours on foot, and during the summer there’s a bar at the peak to make it all worthwhile!


8. Hiking

We already told you about the high peak of Vidova Gora. But there’s more hiking to be done near the canyon village, Dol, or the 15th-century Dragon’s Cave in Murvica.


9. The Food

Beyond the Olive Oil Museum, there is plenty more gastronomic exploration to do on Brač. The island is also known for its lamb meat, sheep cheese, and mandarins. Head to the Supetar waterfront, which has several restaurants where you can pair fresh seafood with a stunning view of the sunset. For great fine dining with mountaintop views, visit the renowned Kaštil Gospodnetić!


10. The Wine

It wouldn’t be the Mediterranean if we didn’t talk about wine. One of the most unique experiences you’ll find is in Bol, where the Franciscan Monastery crafts a delicious homemade dessert wine called Prosek. Brač’s most common local grape varieties are Posip (white) and Plavac Mali (red).


Adding Brač to your Croatian itinerary? Browse THE STELLA’s vacation rentals in Croatia to get one step closer to making that trip a reality! Need more help planning your trip? Visit Bol’s Tourist Board website for up-to-date news on local events and activities.

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