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10 Reasons You Must Visit Croatia’s Omiš This Summer

Off to explore Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian coast this summer? While Dubrovnik and Split probably top your list of places to visit, here are ten reasons why the tiny town of Omiš deserves more than a cursory glance along the way.

1. It’s a little gem 

Located at the mouth of the river Cetina and surrounded by steep mountains, Omiš is a charming town steeped in history. Take a stroll through its medieval core to St. Michael’s Square and look out for the Renaissance House of a Happy Man. Climb up to Mirabella Fortress for sweeping views of the town, and plan a visit to Starigrad Fortress.


2. It’s a pirate town

From the 12th to the 14th century, Omiš was a secure shelter for pirate ships. The dreaded pirates of Omiš ruled the Adriatic and would launch merciless attacks against papal ships and merchant vessels from Venice, Dubrovnik, Kotor, and Split. Today, you can see a spectacular re-enactment of a historical battle between the pirates and the Venetians every August (spoiler alert: the Omiš Pirates win!).


3. It’s surrounded by unspoiled nature

Lush nature abound around Omiš: Head upstream on the swift river Cetina to discover a dramatic landscape of outstanding beauty in the Cetina Gorge, followed by a gentle valley of verdant meadows. Nature lovers will no doubt want to lace up their boots for a hiking adventure!


4. It has beautiful sand beaches

While the picturesque beaches of Omiš are mostly made of pebbles, there are also long sandy stretches where you can spread your towel out, such as kid-friendly Velika plaža—the main beach in town—or Duće, just a couple of miles away from Omiš.


5. It has its own riviera

The Omiš Riviera stretches for over 20 miles along the coast. Dotted with fishing villages, small bays, and secluded beaches, it offers an idyllic setting for couples’ and family escapes alike.



house marta omis croatia rental

House Marta Omiš

house karlo omis croatia rental

House Karlo

house almond croatia vacation rental omis

House Almond

6. It’s a gateway to outdoor adventures

Omiš is Croatia’s adventure capital. If you’re hungry for adrenaline, or just looking to add some thrills to your vacation, this is the right destination for you! Go canyoning on the river Cetina, ziplining across the canyon, rock climbing, and much more. Check out this article for more info on adventure tourism in Croatia!


7. It has a guitar festival

Every summer, Omiš promises a unique experience for all guitar lovers in the form of a festival celebrating the noble instrument. Whether you’re into electric, acoustic, or classical guitars, you’re sure to find something to please your ears among the many competitions, concerts, workshops, and masterclasses offered in the program.


8. It also has an a cappella singing festival

This is the highlight of Omiš’ cultural summer! Discover the sheer beauty of local klapa singing—the traditional male- and female-voice choirs of Dalmatia—at the Omiš Klapa Festival. Goosebumps guaranteed!


9. It’s kid-friendly

Good news for those with children in tow: Omiš offer plenty to keep them happy and engaged, from captivating pirate stories to puzzle sculptures at the Green Forest Park next to the city beach, interactive museums, and fascinating fortresses.


10. It has plenty of good food

As a meeting point between the sea, the river, and inland, Omiš boasts many gastronomic influences. Try traditional Croatian dishes, such as black risotto with cuttlefish or Dalmatian pašticada, while you’re there, and of course, soparnik (a savoury pie with a filling of Swiss chard).

pasticada omis gastronomy

Discover all of THE STELLA’s Croatian vacation rentals in Omiš and book your island getaway today! For more information regarding your trip to Omiš this summer, be sure to check out Visit Omiš, the local tourist board’s official website!

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