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Top 10 Things to Do in Korčula

A scenic 20-minute boat ride from the Pelješac peninsula, the island of Korčula holds a special place in the heart of pretty much anyone who has been there. Here are 10 things you must do when visiting Korčula:

1. Visit the Old Town

No trip to Korčula would be complete without a spot of sightseeing around its picturesque medieval town. As you wander along the narrow passageways, marvel at the glorious Renaissance and Gothic architecture, medieval fortifications, and visit Marco Polo’s alleged family home.


2. Take a dip in the clear waters of Pupnatska Luka Bay

About 10 miles from the town of Korčula, discover a beautiful pebble beach nestled in a deep, sheltered bay—the perfect place for sunbathing and swimming in azure waters. Get there early in peak season to get a good spot.


3. Pedal along the coastline

What better way to take in the scenery than by exploring the island on two wheels? Follow the winding coastal road towards the seaside village of Račišće: Along the way, you’ll find many stunning places to stop for a swim, picnic, or just admire the view.


4. Indulge your taste buds with a wine tasting tour

If you’re a wine aficionado, head straight to Lumbarda’s wineries for a sip of the local signature Grk wines. Continue your exploration in the villages of Čara or Smokvica to sample the Pošip and Rukatac grape varieties.


5. Walk through the enchanted forest of Kočje

While there are many fantastic hiking trails on Korčula, Kočje Nature Park is a magical place worth exploring for its interesting rock formations dressed in moss and resident fairies (according to local legend).


6. Catch a Moreška sword dance performance

Korčula Town is known for its traditional sword dance, the Moreška, which goes back centuries. (However, the music that accompanies the dance—joyous marching tunes played by a brass band—has evolved over the years.) A must-see!


7. Taste the local Žrnovski Makaruni 

What’s the one dish you should try when on the island of Korčula? Without a doubt, Žrnovski Makaruni, a 400-year-old pasta recipe from the rustic village of Žrnovo. Topped with either goulash or seafood, it’s a local favorite.

8. Ride donkeys through the countryside

This promises to be a hit with kids (and kids at heart!). If the idea of riding a donkey through the island’s vineyards and olive groves appeals to your sense of adventure, you know you’ve got to book a donkey safari.


9. Hike up to Forteca for amazing views

Built during the brief British occupation of the island, which followed the defeat of Napoleon, the fortress offers panoramic views of the Korčula archipelago from its rooftop along with a fascinating slice of history.


10. Climb the steps to the top of St. Anthony′s hill

If you’re not averse to another workout, take the gorgeous cypress-lined stairway to the top of the hill to discover a charming, tiny church originally built in 1420 and revel in spectacular views. Over a hundred steps to go but totally worth it!


For more information, be sure to check out the official tourist board website! Next, read up on these 10 other Croatian islands including our top 10 reasons to visit Korčula!

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