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Camping in Croatia: Cars, Wilderness, and Nude Beaches

Croatia is one of Europe’s fastest-growing destinations, and it’s easy to see why. With over 1,800 km of mainland Adriatic coastline and 1,000 unique and beautiful islands, this country really is a traveler’s paradise. And what if I told you that you could sleep beneath the stars on the beach — every single night? Not a problem when you consider the country boasts 300 registered campsites, with 90% offering direct access to the beach and the other 10% skirting rivers and lakes. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?


Car Camping in Croatia

If you’re travelling on a budget or simply love the sense of adventure, car camping in Croatia may be right for you. Camping on wheels entails a few options. You can either rent a car in Croatia, or rent a campervan/caravan. The former will cost you less in gas and rental fees but you’ll need to bring your own tent(s). The latter is essentially a tiny-house on wheels that will afford your journey a few extra luxuries, including a “real” bed, access to kitchen amenities, and electricity.


When Can I Camp in Croatia?

Camping season typically runs from mid-April to late-September, with the high season stretching from the beginning of July to the end of August. During those peak tourist months, expect to see a spike in prices. And, although campgrounds will usually still have pitch vacancies, consider calling ahead to book your site some time in advance.


How Much Does It Cost to Camp in Croatia?

Camping in Croatia is a great way to experience the country while travelling on a budget. For a two-person pitch (where you can either tent or park your camper), expect to pay ~15€ per day during low-season, and 30-50€ per day during high-season. This usually includes access to electricity and potable water. You’ll also be charged a nominal city tax fee of 8 HRK per person per night.

Prices vary according to your proximity to the sea and the services/amenities offered by the campground. You can browse campsites in Croatia here.

Wild Camping in Croatia

If you’re from North America, you know that wild camping is par for the course while enjoying the Great Outdoors. Not so in many European countries, including Croatia. Overnight camping outside of registered, designated campgrounds is strictly forbidden. If you decide to risk it and get caught, you may be looking at a 3000 HRK (about 400€) fine — equivalent to over a week of legal camping!

Besides the typical campground, campervan and caravan owners also have the option of pitching in certain parking lots that have registered themselves as designated campsites.

Nudist Camping in Croatia

One of the European hallmarks is a laissez-faire attitude towards nudity — and it all started in Croatia. In 1953, Croatians legalized nude beaches and pioneered the trend across the continent. Today, you’ll find more than 20 of these nudists hot-spots dotting the idyllic coastline. For the most part, these beaches are easily accessible and within a short driving distance of cities or towns. You can find more information about nude beaches in Croatia here.

If you’re not feeling so European when it comes to nudity, don’t worry, just steer clear of beaches with signs that read FKK, which stands for “Freikorperkultur,” German for “free body culture.” Keep in mind, however, that even on non-nudist beaches women often go topless, a practice considered very normal for the region.


Now that you’ve camped all across Croatia, don’t you think it’s time to treat yourself to a proper shower, furnished kitchen, and soft bed? Check out THE STELLA’s curated collection of post-camping vacation home rentals in Croatia and book yours today!

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