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Experience Sorrento's Best Nightlife: Where to Party & Where to Chill

You love food. You love good times. And you love to travel for both those reasons. If you haven’t already visited Sorrento — you should. And if you have, well, aren’t you overdue for another visit?

After a picturesque day of sightseeing and soaking up the Mediterranean sun on the beach, it’s time to don your Sunday best and head into town. Here, we guide you through Sorrento’s extensive bar, club, and pub scene — so you can take your nightlife game to the next level.

If you want to party…

  • Fauno Notte Club: One of Sorrento’s best-known clubs. Located right in the main square of Piazza Tasso, Fauno Notte Club is your place to dance the night away. Packed with crowds till early morn, enjoy live DJ sets and lose yourself in the music until the sun comes up.
  • Filou Club di Sorrento: For those who want to hear Italian classics and chill with locals, descend to the cozy cavern-esque lounge that is Filou Club. Get comfortable on the couches and dance to live music, featuring a piano player and singer. Some nights even call for some unexpected karaoke — trust us, you may want to practice in the shower before you go.
  • Vista Sky Bar: As the name suggests, be prepared for some of the best vistas in Sorrento. Boasting views of Mount Vesuvius, Naples Bay, and miles of Mediterranean islands, Vista Sky Bar is just a short drive from downtown Sorrento. You’ll find it on the rooftop terrace of Hotel Mediterraneo, where you’ll enjoy fantastic cocktails, live music/DJ sets, and great service. Catching a sunset here (and potentially shooting stars) may just make this place the highlight of your trip. The venue is also available for private events.
  • Cala Club: Beach party anyone? We know you can’t get enough of those Mediterranean gems, so continue your beach-love all night long at Blu Mare Club, with some serious beats and delicious drinks. Located in Cala di Puolo, you’ll need to get here via car or taxi.

If you want to chill…

  • Chaplin’s: Feeling homesick? Missing your Guinness? Irish pub Chaplin’s is perfect for a low-key evening. Catch a game, make new friends, or get know the friendly bar owners over a refreshing pint of your favorite ale.
  • Banana Split Bar: For another proper pub, check out Banana Split Bar. A small walk from the main street, Corso Italia, this charming pub is open 24-hours-a-day — perfect for any time you want to grab a cold one.
  • Fuoro 51: For the best wine selection, look no further. Fuoro 51 is your go-to spot to discover your new favorite red. Enjoy a daytime glass or spend a romantic evening at this wine bar. Closing time is 3:00 AM, so settle in around the oak barrel tables and soak in the cozy atmosphere and exquisite wines.
  • Reup Recycled Bar: Outstanding cocktails, happy hour galore, and a neat industrial vibe for those who prefer a modern chic. And, if you’re palate is tired of pizzas and pastas, try ordering some fine Asian cuisine from Reup’s eclectic menu.

Now that you know the best places to party and to chill in Sorrento, the way you up your nightlife game is up to you. You could even spend a night bar-hopping several entries from the list! Just be sure to check out THE STELLA’s gorgeous, centrally located vacation rentals in Sorrento, so you’ll never be far from the action.

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