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5 Tips to Get Your Kids Excited to Travel

So you’re ready to plan a trip with your family? Here are our 5 tips to make sure your kids are as excited to travel as you are:

1. Get creative sharing the news

Have fun with this one! Turn the big reveal into a guessing game like charades, or make a scavenger hunt with clues related to your trip; take them to a destination-related restaurant or event in your city (like a festival or an exhibition); show them a fun video slideshow with photos of some of the things they’ll do; watch YouTube videos of families visiting your destination—the possibilities are endless!


2. Read books or watch a movie about your next travel destination

Do a little research into children’s books set in the place you’re headed, and then hit the library! If you’re traveling to Italy, ‘The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci’ by Guido Visconti and Bimba Landmann makes a fun, educational read, while the lovely ‘Olivia Goes to Venice’ picture book by Ian Falconer is perfect for younger readers on their way to the City of Bridges. Also, look out for the Hollywood version of your upcoming destination, or if that’s not available, a related child-friendly documentary that you can all watch together.


3. Get them involved in the planning

Give your kiddos the guide books before the trip—consider getting kid-friendly travel books for the younger ones—or research your destination online together so they can chime in on what to do, where to eat, and even where to stay. (Check out THE STELLA’s vacation rentals if you’re traveling to the Mediterranean!) This will immediately get them psyched up and engaged with the destination — plus it’s a great education in itself. Once you get there, hand over the map and let them be the tour guides.

4. Start a vacation fund

Help your children save for the trip: they’ll love the experience of shopping in a distant location and picking up mementos for their room. Setting aside coins and dollar bills specifically for your vacation is a sure way to ramp up their excitement. It will also teach them valuable financial lessons about saving for the future and planning their purchases.

Let them pack their own suitcase

Involving your kids in the packing process not only helps build pre-trip momentum, but also gives them a sense of ownership. Have them start thinking about what they’ll need for every activity planned and, if they’re old enough, let them pick clothes for each day of your vacation, as well as what they’d like to read and play with while you’re traveling. You can always review their choices before everything gets packed!

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