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Catch Dad Having Fun Fishing in Croatia

Sometimes Dads are the hardest to shop for. Instead of buying him another dust collector this year, try getting him to dust off his tackle box for an unforgettable fishing experience in Croatia. Whether your old man likes fishing for the tranquility of the water or the thrill of the catch, we think he’ll love getting out to Croatia for his next adventure. Here’s why:

1. Croatia is a land of coastline

Known as the country of 1000 islands, Croatia doesn’t fall short with opportunities to explore life at sea. Spanning over 805 kilometers of coastline, and over 400 species of unique fish, Croatia is a fisherman’s paradise. Whether you decide to stay along the coast or island-hop in search of your next great fishing spot, you have plenty of options to choose from.


2. You can find all types of fishing

Whether your dad is a seasoned angler or an aspiring fly-fisher, you’ll have no trouble finding him the perfect fishing experience. With its abundant sea fishing and freshwater fishing locations, Croatia will not disappoint.

For Freshwater fish, bring your rods to these locations:

Kupa River: find river trout, California trout, grayling, and carp

Korana River: find river trout and pike

Sava River: find pike, catfish, asp, pike-perch, and chub

Dobra River: find salmonids and grayling

Vrana Lake: find pike, carp, and catfish

For your seaside catch, check out:

Mljet Island: find common pandora, white groupers, forkbeards, dentex, and red scorpion

Lošinj and Cres Islands: find sea bass, common dentex, gilt-head bream, and two-banded sea bream

Žirje Island: find tuna

Kornati Region: find bluefin tuna, albacore tuna, blue shark, tresher shark, swordfish, and amberjacks


3. Croatia has a deep-rooted fishing culture

At one point, due to its turbulent history, fishing was not as common as one would think in the region. Today, however, it’s not uncommon to see young children accompanying their grandparents on a casual fishing outing. Rovinj and Pula in the north of the country contributed greatly to the development of the fishing industry, and Croatia is now known as a leader in aquaculture, particularly for tuna, sea bass, and sea bream. Croatian-born inventor, Mario Puretic, even transformed the blue fish and tuna fishing industry with his innovative mechanical pulley.

Fishing is so ubiquitous to Croatian culture that you’ll find it everywhere you look in the form of festivals. Be sure to visit the island of Rab, where each village hosts their very own fisherman’s night, a festival where ancient cooking and fishing techniques are demonstrated.


4. You can eat fresh fish almost anywhere

Ah, the satisfaction. You worked, you caught it, and now it’s time to dine. If Dad loves cooking, then finding him the best outdoor grill to cook on might take his trip to the next level. If he prefers to try some of the region’s culinary dishes, he can enjoy a fresh fish and seafood meal almost anywhere to cap off a solid day of fishing himself.

Some noteworthy restaurants to check out include, Konoba Batelina in Pula, Pelegrini in Šibenik, Gariful in Hvar, Monte in Rovinj, and Pet Bunara in Zadar.


5. It’s easy to book the perfect excursion or tour

So you know nothing about fishing and want to make sure Dad has the best experience possible for his next fishing trip. Luckily, Croatia has plenty of tour options to book so you can leave it to the experts to provide him a quality experience. After all, local knowledge of the area is the best way to uncover the secret spots and hidden gems of fishing. Local guides can also give you advice on the best places to catch fish depending on the season and your fishing preferences.


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