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4 Great Books About Croatia For Your Summer Reading List

Whether you’re already planning to visit Croatia, or just eager to learn about Croatian culture, these four books will give you fascinating insights into the beautiful Balkan nation. This summer, dive into these recommended titles that capture the spirit and rich history of the country.

Girl at War by Sara Nović

A literary sensation in 2015 in the US, Nović’s debut fiction novel tells the gripping story of a young girl, who gets caught up in Yugoslavia’s civil war, then has to face her ghosts and come to terms with her country’s violent past over a decade later. Wrenching at times, the book examines the conflict’s gray areas—both its subtleties and emotional cost—adding many layers to the narrative. This is not a light read, but definitely a powerful one!


Zagreb Noir by various Croatian authors

The perfect read for fans of crime fiction! This collection of short stories set in Zagreb is part of a popular Noir book series, highlighting the best in new crime writing from a specific city. Curated by novelist Ivan Sršen, Zagreb Noir features 14 unpredictable stories by Ivan Vidić, Josip Novakovich, Mima Simić, Ružica Gašperov, and Nora Verde, among other local authors. Each story takes you to a different neighborhood, revealing a darker side of Croatia’s capital city.


On The Edge Of Reason by Miroslav Krleža

If you’re partial to political fiction, this classic of Croatian literature is a must-read. The 1938 book, which describes the downfall of a man who simply spoke his mind, is actually eerily prescient as it foretells Eastern Europe’s descent into totalitarianism and offers a reflection on truth and fiction in politics that remains relevant today. This novel is also a wonderful introduction to Krleža’s elaborate prose: As one of the most important Central European writers of the 20th century, Miroslav Krleža is a name to remember (even if it is hard to pronounce).


Chasing A Croatian Girl by Cody McClain Brown

American author Cody McClain Brown made Croatia his home after he fell in love with a Croatian woman and followed her back to her native country. In his bestselling novel, he gives a warm and culturally insightful depiction of life in Croatia—from the importance of close-knit families to observations about coffee-drinking rituals. The result? A fun read that will have you laughing out loud!


Whether you’re sitting on a flight, relaxing on the beach, or curled up by the fireplace in your awesome vacation rental, we wish you happy readings this summer! Book your cozy Croatian vacation rental with THE STELLA today!

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