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5 Reasons to Check Out Amalfi's Ravello Festival

Going to Italy’s Amalfi Coast this summer? Once you’ve found your perfect vacation rental on Southern Italy’s famous coastline, it’s time to create a list of all the things you should do while you’re there. Here are five reasons why you should include the Ravello Festival in your itinerary!

1. It’s one of the most important music events in Italy

Beginning in April and stretching to the end of October, the festival, which takes place every year in the historic town of Ravello, pretty much turns this hilltop gem into a big stage for the summer. Expect high-caliber performances from top Italian and international talent, such as London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra or La Fenice Philharmonic Orchestra.


2. But it’s not just classical music

Beside orchestral concerts and chamber music, the program features jazz and pop concerts, as well as dance performances, film screenings, and exhibitions. There truly is something for every art and music lover!


3. Location, location

A hidden treasure on the Amalfi Coast, Ravello offers an enchanting backdrop with its panoramic mountainside position: Just imagine watching a world-class orchestra perform on a stage overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast right below, or attending an intimate concert in the stunning cascading gardens of a 13th-century clifftop villa. No wonder German composer Richard Wagner used it as a setting in one of his late masterpieces!


4. It’s an otherworldly experience

Outdoor concerts on balmy evenings, incredibly romantic views, a sip of limoncello during the intermissions — what could be more magical? Early birds actually get a special treat: every August 11, a concert at sunrise (or “Concerto all’Alba”) gives you a rare opportunity to listen to glorious classical music while the day breaks over the Amalfi Coast. A definite highlight of the Ravello festival!


5. There are discounted admission tickets for the under 25s

The festival reserves 100 seats for €10 each at every event (except the “Concerto all’Alba”) for people under 25 years old, which are available only at the box office onsite. Otherwise, it’s generally a good idea to book tickets well in advance on the festival website.

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