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Top Adriatic Sea Caves you’ll Just Cave into Experiencing

For those adventurers who can stand a little darkness, tight spaces, and a whole lot of wows, it’s time to explore these six weathered rocks! Sea caves, grottoes, rock shelters, caverns – call ’em what you like, these magical natural formations are full of geological history and myth since time immemorial. While you’re at it, you may also finally learn what speleogenesis means…

Here are 6 sea caves you can’t miss on the Adriatic!

1. Postonja Caves

It comes as no surprise that the Postojna caves are one of the most visited places in Slovenia. Less than an hour away from capital city Ljubljana, Postojna spans 24 km and boasts the world’s only double-track cave railway that takes you on a 3.7 km ride! This spot is renowned for being home to dragons, or so the legend goes… Today we know them as olms, blind amphibians unique to southern Europe. They’re the principle residents of the caves and can survive years without food.

Once you’ve had your share of time underground, it’s a quick trip to the iconic Predjama Castle, built right into a precipitous cave wall.


2. Biserujka Cave

Looking for a quick trip to a karst cave or a spot to cool off on a hot day? On the island of Krk, just 300 meters north of Rudine village in northern Croatia, you’ll find Biserujka cave. Biserujka is a small but beautiful cave that only recently opened to visitors in the 90’s. Consistent temperatures between 10-13 degrees Celsius will keep you comfortably cool while enjoying the cave-decorated hall.

Easily completed in 30 minutes, we highly recommend this one for families with small children.


3. Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is yet another reason to visit Croatia. Just off the island of Split, on Biševo island, it’s a popular day excursion — especially during summer months. The Blue Cave is considered one of Croatia’s most treasured natural wonders for its cobalt blue waters that are simply mesmerizing. If you visit at just the right time of day (around 11 AM – 12 PM), you’ll see the aqua-neon glimmer of the water as the sun strikes it.

Speedboat tours are the easiest way to access the caves, while also offering you the opportunity to explore nearby islands.


4. Lipa Cave

Recognized by King Nikola I for its beauty, Lipa Cave is one of Montenegro’s largest cave complexes and a must-see for any traveller. For adrenaline junkies, take cave exploration to the next level with the Cave Extreme tour option where you can Indiana Jones your way into the cave by rope. Just over 30 km from both the seaside and capital, it’s an easily accessible adventure.

Plan to spend a couple of hours exploring the 2.5 km of passages and be sure to check out the town of Cetinje (the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro), just a few kilometers away. Now doesn’t that sound like a perfect day trip?


5. Grotte di Castellana

No trip to Puglia is complete without visiting the Grotte di Castellana. Just a few kilometers from the well-known towns of Alberobello and Polignano a Mare, these ninety-one hundred-million-year-old caves are a prized natural heritage and a significant draw to the region. Enjoy a consistent temperature of 18-degrees Celsius over the 3 km tour, and catch a glimpse of sunshine through the natural skylight in the main cave, La Grave. What a beauty! If you can’t get enough of the cave or feel like being spooked, try a guided night tour!


6. Grotta della Poesia(Cave of Poetry)

Last but not least, here’s one worth the jump that’s guaranteed fun. Grotta della Poesia is a favourite local swim spot, featuring 15-meter cliff dives for those who love the free-fall. In between Lecce and Otranto, in the town of Roca, the beautiful blues and deep waters of this natural sinkhole scream Mediterranean adventure. It’s also the perfect option for the more claustrophobic among us to enjoy beautiful age-old formations in a wide-open space.

Paired with a visit to the archaeological site of Roca to discover some ancient ruins, Grotta della Poesia is highly recommended.


So, there you have it — our solid list of Adriatic caves that’ll absolutely rock you (sorry, couldn’t resist.) Check out THE STELLA’s cozy collection of homes for your post-cave retreat today!

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